After going all-virtual in 2020, we’re excited to again offer in-person group hikes for 2021! However, we understand that some people will not feel comfortable with joining group activities yet, or perhaps aren’t going to be at Lake George on the 5th, so we’re continuing the virtual option to allow for everyone to participate as best they can.

In order to proceed with having in-person hikes and paddles, we are going to follow safety guidelines set forth by New York State and the CDC. These guidelines may change as we get closer to July, but right now we plan on the following:

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • All participants must wear face masks when distancing is not possible – e.g. when grouped closely at the trailhead at check-in, or at smaller summits.
  • Masks will not be required while hiking, however each non-family group should maintain a safe distance from each other while on the trail.
  • Each participant will be requested to complete a health questionnaire at check-in (standard questions regarding travel, recent illness or possible exposure to COVID-19). This questionnaire will be available for review in advance.

We thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to hold a safe, enjoyable event! If you have any questions or concerns about this new plan, or about any other aspect of the Hike-A-Thon, please contact Sarah at

General Safety

In addition to the special considerations during the coronavirus pandemic, general guidelines for safe outdoor recreation will be followed by our volunteers and encouraged to our participants.

All Hike-A-Thon sites will have knowledgeable volunteer leaders who have been trained in how to lead groups and what to do in case of injury. Our volunteers are NOT expected to perform first-aid on any participants, however at least one first-aid kit is included with each group so that minor first-aid may be self-administered. In the case of any injury requiring more assistance, volunteers are instructed to call 911.

The most prevalent issues that may come up during a hike are dehydration, heat, possible allergy i.e. bees, and rolled/sprained ankles. To help protect against this, participants should be prepared for their hike or paddle with plenty of water, food, and appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather and temperature. Participants may also let their volunteer leaders know at check-in if they have allergies or other health issues that the leaders should be aware of.

Please self-asses your abilities and limitations. Come prepared (see above), and do not participate if you are not feeling well, or have any concerns about the difficulty of the hike. Our volunteers are responsible for the entire group and, though are there to assist you as best they can, may not be able to provide the full assistance you need.