We rely on a huge, dedicated team of volunteers to make the Hike-A-Thon happen. You can be part of this team – join our 2019 Ground Crew, be a Hike Leader or Sweeper. All volunteers receive a free Hike-A-Thon shirt.

Ground Crew: The Ground Crew is a very important group of non-hiking volunteers whose main responsibility is to check-in participants and remain at the base of the trail to greet hikers as they finish.  Ground Crew members are also the point of contact for Hike Leaders and Sweepers in case of injuries on the trail or if any hikers need to turn back early.  A team of Ground Crew members will be stationed at each site, and will assist with setting up and breaking down the check-in stations.

Hike Leaders and Sweepers: Each site will also have a team of Hike Leaders who lead participants on the trail and Sweepers who bring up the end and make sure no one gets left behind.  A sweeper may be required to assist a hiker who needs to return to the trail head due to injury or ill-health.   Hike Leaders and Sweepers must be familiar with the trail system and be experienced in leading groups.  Certification in CPR and/or wilderness first aid is a bonus.  Leaders at paddling sites must be skilled at canoeing and/or kayaking and have experience leading groups on the water.

To register as a volunteer, please fill out the form below (coming soon), or call 518-644-9673 or email events@lglc.org for more information.  You do NOT need to register for the event separately; this volunteer form serves as your registration.












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