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News and Updates

Registered? Keep checking here for any updates on July 5th – weather, site changes, etc.

posted 07/05/2022

Good morning Hike-A-Thoners! Just got the all-clear from Bruce at North Country Heliflite, so it’s on! If you don’t mind a little sprinkle on your hike or paddle, it’s a great day to be with us – no heat for us this year 😅
See you soon, and please share your pictures! #lghikeathon22, #hikelakegeorge

posted 07/02/2022

Now the forecast is calling for showers all day, but there’s still a chance it’ll be delayed and the morning will be clear – stay tuned! Remember, the Hike-A-Thon is a rain or shine event, except in the case of severe weather.

You may also wonder about the helicopter in the case of rain – he can still fly as long as it’s not too windy, so we’re still hoping for the best there too.

Unfortunately, we do have another update on the helicopter – he will NOT be landing at the After-Party as we’d initially hoped. Sorry! Still plenty to enjoy at the Party, though, so we hope to see you there!

posted 06/28/2022

Long-range forecast is looking okay – fingers crossed for it to stay that way!

Because of the spongy moth infestation, many of the Hike-A-Thon site summits are once again bare. Therefore be prepared for less (or no) shade – bring a hat, sunscreen, and expect a warmer than usual rest stop while waiting for the helicopter.