2018 Hike-A-Thon is off to a great start!

Early-bird registration for the 2018 Hike-A-Thon started at midnight, March 5th — and just 8 hours in, Roger’s Rock is FULL with more than 50 people registered! You guys are crazy, and awesome, and I LOVE watching these registrations come in! Thanks for all the support!

Sorry if you had your heart set on Rogers’ Rock – there are lots of other great sites are still available!  Go to our Sites page to get to our map and see all of the exciting options!


Deadline is coming soon!

There is just one month to go before we reach the registration deadline for the 2017 Hike-A-Thon – no additional registrations will be accepted after June 16th.

As a reminder, the Hike-A-Thon is set for Wednesday, July 5th.  If you haven’t registered yet, but want to, there are still a few great options available:

Amy’s Park – Wetlands Hike, Bolton LandingAmy's Park pond

This is a one-mile round-trip hike that is a great option for hikers of all ages. There are a few low bog bridges and short ups and downs, but overall an easy hike that ends at the magnificent beaver pond. There are plenty of treasures along the way to keep young ones interested, from salamanders to wildflowers.


Amy’s Park – Uplands Hike, Bolton LandingAmy's Park

For a bit more of a challenge, take the red trail to a lookout just below High Nopit. This is 1.5 miles round-trip and includes steep and narrow sections requiring steady footing.  The view is a beauty, and includes the wetlands of Amy’s Park and Pole Hill.


Charles R. Wood Nature Park, Lake GeorgeWood Nature Park

This Nature Park is a hidden gem located on West Brook Rd, across from the Village’s Festival space. The accessible trail system is great for strollers and wheelchairs, and loops around ponds and wetlands, with educational signage along the way. Benches and other seating areas also dot the trails. Since it’s right in the Village, the Park is within walking distance to beaches, stores, restaurants, a natural playground, and restrooms.


Cook Mountain Preserve, TiconderogaCook Mt

One of our more challenging hikes, this site also offers one of our best views of Lake George! The hike is about 3 miles round-trip, and includes a steep and steady climb to the summit. Side trails also provide views of Ticonderoga and Vermont’s Green Mountains, and lead to a historic cemetery.


Peggy’s Point, HaguePeggy's Point

This 2-acre waterfront park in downtown Hague has a special designation of dog-park-for-a-day just for the Hike-A-Thon!  All are welcome – you can come with or without a dog (or two) – but activities and giveaways will be geared towards our four-legged companions and their owners. The property is ideal for youngsters and those unable to hike; there is a short wood-chipped path that leads to a garden and bench, plus a gazebo provides seating and shade.


Need more information about these sites? Go to our interactive map for additional details. Ready to register? Click on the button below and sign up today!


Win a helicopter ride!

Win a Ride in the 2017 Hike-A-Thon Helicopter!

Here’s your chance to be part of the Hike-A-Thon without stepping a foot on a trail!

Each year we offer one lucky winner the opportunity to be the fourth passenger in the helicopter that flies around Lake George during the Hike-A-Thon. The winner will be riding with pilot Bruce Mowery, photographer Carl Heilman, and one LGLC staff member.

Watch the event unfold from the air, wave to hundreds of hikers and paddlers, and see the lake and its mountains from the most awesome and inspiring viewpoint–from the Hike-A-Thon helicopter!  Complete the entry form below by June 16, 2017 to get a chance to win one seat in the helicopter that will fly around Lake George on July 5, 2017!

Drawing is open to the public and no donation is required to enter. One entry per household please.

Go to https://lakegeorgehikeathon.org/2017drawing/ for the official entry form and complete giveaway rules.


Gull Bay view

One week left to be an Early-Bird!

If you haven’t registered for the 2017 Hike-A-Thon yet, now is the time to do it! The Early-Bird Registration period ends April 30th, which is also when we stop giving away free t-shirts. And who doesn’t want a free t-shirt?!

Still can’t decide where to go because we have too many great choices? Well, you’re in luck because the number of available sites has gone down from 17 to 7, making a decision that much easier. And the sites that are left are still great; no bottom of the barrel, here at the Lake George Hike-A-Thon. What’s available? Glad you asked! There is still space at both hikes at Amy’s Park, the Charles R. Wood Nature Park, Cook Mountain Preserve, Gull Bay Preserve (pictured), Peggy’s Point, and Thomas Mountain. Check out our map for more information about all of these, and then register!


April Update

Just one month in and 8 sites are FULL! This is by far the most active year yet, and we are excited to watch it happen! Haven’t signed up yet? Don’t worry – there are still 9 sites with available spots. Want to hang out with the dogs? Go to Peggy’s Point. Want to fish for water lilies? Try Amy’s Park. Like relaxing on a cabin porch? Try Thomas Mt. Looking for the best northern view? Go for Cook Mountain Preserve. Go to https://lakegeorgehikeathon.org for more info and ideas, and get registered! #hikelakegeorge


Seeking Volunteers

We are now taking applications from those interested in volunteering for the 2017 Hike-A-Thon. Whether you can lead a hike, help with check-in, or help post flyers and info in your community, your help is needed!

All volunteers receive event t-shirts and some other goodies, and are required to attend the pre-event meeting on June 24, from 10 am – noon.

Use our easy online form to apply, or email shoffman@lglc.org or call 518-644-9673 with questions. Thank you!