The Cook Mountain Preserve’s challenging summit trail ascends steeply but rewards hikers with magnificent views of Lake George and into the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Challenging Hike


Dogs Allowed

Dogs Allowed

Location: Baldwin Road, Ticonderoga [view map]
Hike Length: 2.9 miles
Start Time: 9:00 amSide_Cook3
Photo Time: 10:36 am
Approx. End Time: 12:00 pm

Hikers will follow Cook Mountain’s easy yellow trail for just over 1/2-mile to the junction with the challenging Ridges Trail, marked in red.  The Ridges Trail ascends steeply – 680′ over 0.5-mile – then climbs more gradually for the remaining 0.6 miles to an elevation of 1,213′ and a fantasic, clear view down Lake George.  Here the group will gather to wait for the helicopter to arrive for their photo op, before heading back down the same path.  Click here for brochure and trail guide.

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About the Cook Mountain Preserve:Side_Cook2

The Cook Mountain Preserve was established in 1990 through the generation donation of 176 acres by Donald and Marjorie Delano, George’s grandchildren.  In 1995, the preserve was expanded by an 18-acre addition donated by Dr. and Mrs. George Boyle.  The preserve harbors a variety of habitats, from transitional wetlands and overgrown farmland to mixed hardwood/coniferous forest and dry rocky-summit grassland.  Remnants of stone walls run up the mountain’s slope, reminders of how different Cook Mountain and the land surround Lake George looked when cleared for farms at the turn of the century.  Cook Mountain’s open ridge provides exquisite views of northern Lake George, the Champlain Valley, and Vermont’s Green Mountains.

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