SITE IS FULL – Sorry, but this site cannot take any additional registrations.  Please choose from one of our other great sites!  Part of the Cat and Thomas Mountains Preserve, the Cat Mountain trails offer a moderately challenging hike leading from Edgecomb Pond to its expansive rocky summit.


Dogs Allowed

Dogs Allowed

Location: Edgecomb Pond Road, Bolton Landing [view map]
Hike Length: 3.75 miles
Start Time: 9:20 am
Photo Time: 11:22 am
Approx. End Time: 1:00 pmSide_Cat

With special permission from the Town of Bolton, this Hike-A-Thon hike will start from Edgecomb Pond, following a logging road for 0.9 miles to cross into the Preserve lands and meet up with the marked yellow trail.  The yellow trail ascends 736 feet up a rocky path to the summit of Cat, where a 270° view of Lake George and the Adirondacks can be enjoyed.  Here the group will gather for their photo op when the helicopter arrives.  After the photo the group will hike down the east side of Cat Mountain via the 1.45-mile red trail to meet up again with Edgecomb Pond.  The red trail traverses the mountain slope, sometimes gently, sometimes steeply, crossing numerous streams and tote roads.  Click here for brochure and trail guide.

Want to volunteer for the ground crew or as a hike leader for this site?  Please fill out our volunteer form!


About Cat Mountain:

Rising almost 2,000 feet above sea level and located in the fastest growing town on Lake George, the Cat and Thomas Mountains Preserve directly protects the watershed of Edgecomb Pond, Bolton’s drinking water source, and the headwaters of Finkle Brook.  This magnificent stretch of land is one of the largest, intact, ecologically significant landscapes remaining on Lake George and features over seven miles of trails and unsurpassed mountain vistas.

LGLC bought the property in 2003 and sold it to New York State in 2013 to be added to the State’s Forest Preserve.  LGLC continues to maintain the popular trails through an agreement with the State.

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