SITE IS FULL – Sorry, but this site cannot take any additional registrations.  Please choose from one of our other great sites!  Anthony’s Nose Preserve offers a steady, uphill climb to Record Hill for expansive view across Lake George to Rogers’ Slide and beyond.


Dogs Allowed

Dogs Allowed

Location: Schwerdtfeger Rd, Putnam [view map]
Hike Length: 1.5 miles round-trip
Start Time: 9:15 am
Photo Time: 10:40 am
Approx. End Time: 11:30 am

From a parking area on Schwerdtfeger Road, hikers will head west for about 0.25 miles before ascending 660 feet over about 0.5 miles for a steady, steep climb to the summit of Record Hill.  Hikers will be rewarded with an amazing view of Lake George and the greater Adirondacks.  Click here for preserve and trail guide (PDF).


About Anthony’s Nose:

LGLC acquired Anthony’s Nose in December of 2000, and, in 2014, an additional 18 acres at its base that provides public access from Schwerdtfeger Rd. The 189-acre Lake George historic landmark includes 3,550 feet of shoreline and dramatic calcareous cliffs depicting the distinct profile of a Native-American chief on its south face.  One of LGLC’s primary motivations in conserving Anthony’s Nose was the protection of the endangered peregrine falcons that nest on the cliffs. Nesting pairs and their fledglings use the updrafts to hunt and learn to fly.

Anthony’s Nose is contiguous with Flat Rock, which LGLC purchased in 1998 from the Fort Ticonderoga Association and later transferred to New York State in 1999. With the purchase of Anthony’s Nose, the Lake George Land Conservancy increased the protection of Lake George’s northeast shoreline from Flat Rock, around the point of Anthony’s Nose to Glenburnie; an astonishing 9,000 feet of pristine shoreline including nearly 500-acres of forested upland.

LGLC plans eventually to transfer Anthony’s Nose to New York State for inclusion in the Adirondack Forest Preserve.

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