This is a more challenging hike at Amy’s Park for those who wish to do some climbing for a view of Lake George.

Moderate Hike


Dogs Allowed

Dogs Allowed

Location: Trout Falls Road, Bolton Landing [view map]
Hike Length: 1.5 miles round-trip
Start Time: 9:20 am
Photo Time: 10:10 am
Approx. End Time: 11:00 am

This moderately challenging hike will follow the red trail from Trout Falls Road, climbing steadily for 0.75 miles (an ascent of 420 feet) to a lookout point with great views of Lake George.  Click here for brochure and trail guide.

About Amy’s Park:

Named in memory of Amy Wolgin Wiener, Amy’s Park is a beautiful property of ponds, marshes and forests in the uplands of Bolton Landing located between Padanarum and Trout Falls Roads. The Park also includes a portion lying to the west of Trout Falls Road. The property includes the headwaters for Indian Brook and contains important wildlife habitat within its large, unfragmented forest and wetland complexes. Protecting this fragile property prevents excess nutrients and sediments that are inevitably generated by development from flowing into Indian Brook and Northwest Bay.

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