2014 Photos are here; Story and Photo Contest!

Our Hike-A-Thon pictures are available for viewing! Go to http://www.carlheilman.com/photos/LGLCHikeathon2014/ to see Carl Heilman’s beautiful pics from the helicopter. Carl is offering 8×10 prints for $25 each, plus $5 per order (not per print) for shipping. If you would like to place an order, please call or email 518-494-3072; photos@carlheilman.com.

Also, join our Hike-A-Thon Story and Photo Contest! Tell us your Hike-A-Thon story in 300+ words by August 29th! The winners will be featured in our Fall 2014 Newsletter!

All submissions must be sent to outreach@lglc.org